Mannheim-Rhine-Neckar-Chongqing-Center (MRNCQ)

With the Mannheim-Rhine-Neckar-Chongqing-Center (MRNCQ), MEI WEN TI provides businesses from Chongqing support in bringing their business to Germany and Europe. This offer can also be used by companies from the entire People's Republic of China under certain conditions. Interested parties are welcome to contact us.

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Sino-German Business Incubation Competition (SGBICom)

This new format offers start-ups and also SMEs the exceptional option of trying their hand in the Chinese market without incurring any costs. Start-ups and SMEs can apply if they want to do business in China or are looking for a strategic partner.

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Best Practice

Antitrust Approval

A globally active DAX group had acquired a company that was also active in several countries and required the approval of the antitrust authorities for the final, legally binding takeover. In China, this approval was denied by the antitrust authorities. MEI-WEN-TI managing director Felix Kurz was assigned to the case. After only six weeks, the Chinese antitrust authorities finally gave their approval. The takeover, which is relevant to the share price and has a volume of around 1.8 billion euros, was thus successfully completed.

Successful litigation in China

A German company that had been involved in the solar industry in China had to file for insolvency due to the breach of contract by a Chinese partner. The insolvency administrators were unsure whether a lawsuit could be filed in a Chinese court. With the support of MEI WEN TI managing director Felix Kurz, the insolvency administrator successfully sued the Chinese state-owned company for a sum in the millions for the benefit of the insolvency estate.

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